More than 48,000 attend the Mater University Hospital emergency department each year.

For over 25 years The Care Trust has been fundraising on behalf of the Mater University Hospital. The hospital has been at the forefront of medical care in Ireland treating the major health problems of the nation with services that continue to grow and change in response to modern healthcare and public need

The Mater is the designated national centre for:

Cardiac Surgery – open heart surgery;
Heart and Lung Transplantation – heart transplant surgery commenced 1985. The first lung transplant was performed in 2005 and the first double lung transplant was performed in 2007;

National Spinal Injuries Centre – provides multi-disciplinary care for over 350 cases annually, including spinal cord injury, spinal trauma, spinal tumours, deformaty, infection and degenerative conditions;

Pulmonary Hypertension – deals with high blood pressure in the arteries supplying the lungs. Without treatment life expectancy is around two years;

National Isolation Unit – used for highly infectious diseases;

Extra Corporeal Life Support (ECLS) – specialist life support to treat failing heart or lungs (national centre for mechanical support of the failing heart); and

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid – a bone conduction system that sends sound vibrations directly to the inner ear via bone.

Other Specialties Include (but are not limited to)

Breast Care Centre;
Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine;
Medicine for the Elderly;
Diabetes and Endocrinology;
Psychiatry; and
Pain and Palliative Care Medicine.

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