Every Year more than 43,000 people access Rehab services.

The Rehab Group is an independent not-for-profit organisation working for social and economic inclusion among people with disabilities, older people and others who are marginalised.

Each year more than 43,000 people access Rehab training, employment, health and social care, rehabilitation, education and commercial services in the Group’s network of some 200 centres across Ireland. In Ireland services are co-ordinated by the National Learning Network, Rehab Enterprises and RehabCare.

Rehab’s role goes beyond providing services that enable clients make the most of their skills and talents in the workplace and the wider community. Rehab are also a leading campaigner for reforms to remove the barriers preventing equal opportunities, particularly for people with disabilities.

RehabCare operates a wide variety of responsive health and social care programmes which reach into communities the length and breadth of Ireland. Each year more than 2,600 people of all ages and from all walks of life avail of these services which range from resource centre activities to care work delivered in people’s homes. Choice, quality and personalised services are the cornerstones of RehabCare. The organisation prides itself on the flexibility of its programmes, which are all designed to meet the individual wishes and requirements of each client.

RehabCare is committed to ensuring that its clients play a full and active role in the decisions that shape the services they use through the client representative body, the National RehabCare Advocacy Council (NRAC). For further information on RehabCare visit www.rehabcare.ie
National Learning Network is Ireland’s largest non-Government training organisation with more than 50 purpose built training and employment facilities catering for around 4,500 students each year.

National Learning Network’s objective is to assist people at a disadvantage in the labour market to learn the skills they need to build lasting careers in jobs that reflect their interests and abilities. The majority of National Learning Network’s student body is made up of people with disabilities, although other groups and individuals facing obstacles in the search for work are increasingly using its services.

The organisation offers over 40 different vocational programmes which carry nationally and internationally recognised certification and are designed to lead directly to jobs or progression to further education. For further information on National Learning Network visit www.nln.ie

Rehab Enterprises (formerly Gandon Enterprises) is Ireland’s largest non-governmental employer of people with disabilities. In total some 422 people are employed under the Rehab Enterprises umbrella, 225 of whom are workers with disabilities.

Rehab Enterprises offers dynamic business solutions to Irish industry nationwide in areas such as recycling, logistics, packaging, retail, accessibility and the media. Although its businesses operate in highly competitive markets, the company provides a supported environment for people with disabilities within the workplace. This includes adapted working environments and procedures, facilitative supervision and management, along with services to ease the transition into employment for people who have been out of work for considerable periods. To find out more about Rehab Enterprises, visit www.rehab.ie

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