Share in our vision – where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential – where children and adults with physical, medical or intellectual disabilities could enjoy the same quality of life as everyone else. This is a great way for your organisation to support worthy causes and we invite your business – your staff, customers, clients and suppliers – to join with us in a variety of exciting ways to help us achieve this.

  • Payroll
  • Matching
  • Marketing
  • Corporate

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a simple way for your employees to donate regularly to The Care Trust directly from their salary. Whatever the size of your business, Payroll Giving is quick, easy and inexpensive to put in place.
Benefits to your company:
Payroll Giving provides you with opportunities to:

  • Enhance your reputation as a socially responsible organisation
  • Make it easy for your employees to give, and demonstrate your commitment to the causes they want to support
  • Build employee morale and engagement
  • Generate a valuable, sustainable income stream for The Care Trust and its beneficiaries

Matching Giving

Offering Matched Giving is a powerful and popular way of encouraging employees to sign up to Payroll Giving. You company can make donations that match the contributions of your staff – potentially doubling the money that will help so many children and adults with disabilities, those socially disadvantaged and those requiring medical care. Just decide how much you would like to match and it can simply be added to your employee donations.

Marketing Partnerships / Cause Related Marketing (CRM)

A partnership with The Care Trust can support your marketing objectives, drive your sales and help us improve the lives of many children and adults. Research shows that almost one in two consumers changed their purchase behaviour to support a CRM programme. (BITC 2004*). A CRM campaign with The Care Trust will associate strong social/community values to your company’s brand or product, and the longer the partnership goes on the stronger these values become. So why not consider a partnership – please get touch with us to discuss
(*source: Business in the Community (BITC) “How Cause Related Marketing impacts on brand equity, consumer behaviour and the bottom line”)

Corporate Donations

We appreciate that companies might not wish to support us through staff fundraising or commercial partnerships. However we always welcome donations in other ways. You can make a donation in support of our work – it is simple and secure using our online process. Donations are always spent wisely where the money is most needed, but if you would like to make a large donation to support a specific project or area of work please get in touch with us to discuss.
Benefits to your business:

  • Enhances your Corporate reputation
  • Increases employee and customer loyalty and strengthens relationships with suppliers, partners, clients and customers.
  • Provides Tax benefits
  • Positive PR that reinforces your credentials as a socially responsible business.

Support the CRC (Central Remedial Clinic), Rehab Group and special charitable projects. For further information on how your company or organisation can get involved contact The Care Trust at 01 2000060 or email

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