Our mission is to secure charitable giving in an open and transparent manner to empower children and adults to live life to the full.

In alignment with our mission statement we have a set of devolved core values:

  • Passion and Commitment – belief in the Organisation’s Mission and having an intrinsic motivation to work for this
  • Honesty and Integrity – truthful, transparent, fair and just in character and behavior
  • Deep-seated and Pervasive Respect – recognise and reflect the dignity of each individual through our behaviour towards them; rewarding performance, embracing diversity, recognising and celebrating achievements
  • Development & Learning – promote a learning culture which supports the development of individual competence and the confidence to embrace change
  • Sustained Superior Performance – determination to exceed expectations
  • Communication & Collaboration – develop the habit of proactive two-way communication between individuals and groups, to cultivate teamwork and co-operation throughout the organisation
  • Contributor Care – respect and appreciate our contributors who through their on-going support enable The Care Trust to fulfil its mission.
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